Presidents Corner

2017 Lodge #30 Meeting Dates

March 10, 2017
Meeting are held the 2nd Thursday of every month in Laurel at 7:00 pm.  Remaining 2017 dates are:
4/13/17, 5/11/17, 6/8/17, 7/13/17, 8/10/17, 9/14/17, 10/12/17, 11/9/17 and 12/14/17

July Monthly Meeting

July 11, 2016
Our next monthly meeting will be July 14th.  This will be the Great American Steakhouse located on Sweitzer Lane in Laurel; we meet at 7:00 p.m.   There will be no August meeting.  

Acting President

July 19, 2014
President Young will be on vacation between the dates of July 19 through August 3, 2014.  If any problems arise, please contact Brother Jonathan Ness or Sister Tracy Lieberman.
Thank you,


June 10, 2014

The monthly FOP meeting for June has been CANCELED. We will meet again on July 10, 2014.


Contract Ratification Vote

April 28, 2014
Our contract ratification vote is tomorrow between the hours of 0700 and 1800.  We will be at the Holiday Inn on Sweitzer Lane in Laurel, I believe in the Magothy Room. (Next to the Outback Steakhouse.)  You have to be present to vote.  We hope to see you.

Election of Lodge 30 Executive Board

April 17, 2014
At last week's meeting, Lodge #30 held nominations for the executive board.  All members ran unopposed; therefore, at the May meeting Lodge Secretary Mikalauskas will cast one ballot for each member who ran.  The board remains the same, an exception being that Brothers Ness and Richards have switched positions.  Brother Ness moves to a vice president's position and Brother Richards move to the state trustee position. 

LEOBR Law Changes

April 16, 2014

On Monday April 14, 2014, two important pieces of legislation affecting the lives and careers of Maryland law enforcement officers were signed into law by the Governor.  Senate Bill 436 – Exclusion of Evidence, sponsored by Senator Frosh, adds a provision to section 3-105 of the LEOBR.  The new provision, paragraph (C) allows a judge to exclude any evidence obtained in violation of any right granted by the LEOBR. 

The second, House Bill 598 – Disclosures- Punitive Action, sponsored by Delegate Dumais, adds a new section, 3-106.1 to the LEOBR.  This section provides a protection for officers who, for one reason or another, may have to have a disclosure made by the State’s Attorney to the defense to comply with Maryland disclosure rules.  In some jurisdictions, Chiefs and Sheriffs have terminated officers simply because a disclosure had to be made by the State’s Attorney.  This would occur even if the officer was found “not sustained” by Internal Affairs or “not guilty by a hearing board.  This addition to the LEOBR would prevent a Chief or Sheriff from taking punitive action in those instances.

Both Laws take effect on October1, 2014

The Maryland General Assembly has started.

January 10, 2014
On January 8th, the Maryland General Assembly convened for its yearly three month session. I will do my best to keep you apprised of major issues that affect law enforcement. The following links maybe helpful for you if you chose to follow the session:

Lyme Disease

November 25, 2013
As you are aware (hopefully), FOP Lodge #30 has a presumption law that assumes that any Lyme disease diagnosis from a physician was contracted as a result of our work. This is unique to the park police and DNR police due to the frequency of our requirements to be in wooded and open field environments and our use of horses. This law, when created, had placed an effective end date or a “sunset” that removes this valuable protection. This sunset is to take effect on September 30, 2015. FOP Lodge #30 has introduced a bill to have this sunset removed, therefore, ensuring that this diagnosis is forever a presumption for our specific and unique work. FOP #30 is seeking no other changes to the law, just the elimination of the sunset.

I am scheduled to testify on behalf of FOP #30 members on December 4, 2013 in Rockville in support of this bill. I am seeking members who have been diagnosed with Lyme’s. If you could please send me an email stating a diagnosis and any problems you may have had as a result of this disease, or if you wish not to divulge complications, at least your diagnosis. This information is needed for my testimony; I want to be able to explain to the Maryland Senators and Delegates why it is important that we continue the protection that is guaranteed by current law. I anticipate the Commission testifying to the contrary and to the needlessness of the statute. When I testify, I would like to have first person testimonial support to confirm our need for this protection. Please understand that this will be held in the strictest privacy between you and I, no one else will know and your name will not be used during testimony. I understand the reluctance of some to provide such intimate information, but I believe it to be critical to the support of this very important law that protects you and your co-workers, now and into the future.

If you could please send me an email, at confirming your diagnosis, or if it makes you more comfortable, you can call me at 301.980.5113.

Negotiations has started

October 15, 2013
Negotiations have begun again.  We had our first meeting this week and have set many meeting dates with the Commission in the coming months.  This is typically a long process, so please be patient as we work through the fall and winter.  Please remember: the negotiations team works under strict confidentiality rules. 
Our next meeting will be held on November 14, at 7 p.m.  We will meet at the Outback Steakhouse on Sweitzer Lane in Laurel.   

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